CREAM Open Conference – Abstracts

Please submit your abstract (200 words max.) using the following template and send it to Enable-Javascript@To-Read-E-mail-Address per email until 28.02.2013. Please indicate in the subject line which of the following topics your talk is assigned to:

  1. Extrapolation: How can we extrapolate from individual to population, from small scales to larger scales, from species to species, and from certain environmental settings to different ones?
  2. Recovery: How does population recovery depend on toxicity and ecological factors such as life-history characteristics, species traits, population structure, density dependence, timing of exposure, and landscape structure?
  3. Linking Exposure and Effect models: How do spatial and temporal variability of exposure translate into effects at the individual and population level?
  4. Sublethal effects: What is the relative importance of lethal versus sublethal effects for controlling the population- (and community) level impacts of chemicals in the field?
  5. Model complexity: What level of model complexity is needed for different types of risk assessment questions?
  6. Good Modelling Practice: How should models be documented to become acceptable in regulatory risk assessments? What kind of tests should be included to prove that a model is a sufficiently good representation of its real counterpart?

Notification of acceptance will be on 15.03.2013

(Download template)