French Agency for food, environmental and occupational health safety – ANSES (France)

French Agency for food, environmental and occupational health safety – Regulated Products Department

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253 avenue du Général Leclerc
94701 Maisons-Alfort Cedex – France

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Veronique Poulsen, Unit Manager
Ecotoxicology and E-fate Risk Assessment Unit for Pesticides and Fertilisters
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The French agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) is a public administrative institution reporting to the Ministers for Health, Agriculture, the Environment, Labour and Consumer Affairs. The new health establishment became a legal and operational entity on 1 July 2010 and has incorporated the missions, resources and personnel of the French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA) and the French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (AFSSET).

ANSES implements independent, multi-disciplinary scientific expertise.

Its principal mission is to contribute to the protection of human health with respect to the environment, the workplace and food. It also contributes to the protection of the health and welfare of animals, the protection of plant health, the evaluation of the nutritional and functional characteristics of food. Finally it undertakes missions regarding veterinary medicinal products.

In its sphere of competence, the Agency’s mission is to conduct risk assessments, to provide the competent authorities with any information about these risks as well as the expertise and scientific and technical support necessary to draft legislative and statutory provisions and implement risk management and mitigation strategies.

It conducts monitoring, alert, vigilance and reference missions. It defines, implements and funds scientific and technical research programs.

It proposes to the competent authorities any measure likely to protect public health.

It participates in work undertaken by European and international bodies, and represents France at the request of the Government.

The Regulated Products Department is in charge of the scientific assessment of Plant Protection Products (pesticides and fertilizers) and Biocidal products before they come onto the market and also acts in the assessment of chemicals under Reach & CLP regulations.

The Ecotoxicology and Environmental fate Unit is in charge of the risk assessment of Plant Protection Products to the environment (soil, water and air) and living organisms.

In the CREAM project, as a regulatory authority, ANSES could provide training courses and internship on regulatory risk assessment practices. It could also give a regulatory perspective on models, tools and guidance documents develop within the project.