CREAM includes five work packages. Each package can include several projects. The first three work packages group individual projects by the type of ecosystem and organism addressed whereas the fourth  work package organises the formulation, testing and refinement of CREAM´s core feature, the Good Moddeling Practice. Work package 5 will provide data sets that can be used not only in CREAM´s individual projects but also for future tests and validations of mechanistic effect models.

Work package 1 “Aquatic invertebrates” (coordinated by Udo Hommen)

Work package 2 “Terrestrial invertebrates” (coordinated by Valery Forbes)


Work package 3 “Vertebrates” (coordinated by Pernille Thorbek)

Work package 4 “Good Modelling Practice” (coordinated by Volker Grimm)

Work package 5 “Validation Data sets” (coordinated by Paul Van den Brink)