HARLAN Laboratories Ltd. (Switzerland)

Contact: Ulrich Memmert

Harlan Laboratories Contract Research Services provides the support services necessary for the development and registration of new chemicals and novel compounds for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Agrochemical and Biocidal industries. Our integrated network of scientific, technical, and regulatory affairs expert teams have in-depth experience and expertise in a wide range of ecotoxicity (aquatic and terrestrial), biodegradation, analytical and physico-chemical tests, environmental fate (lab and field), animal and plant metabolism studies for the chemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our scientific experts can provide advice on and design testing programs to suit the needs of regulatory requirements on a worldwide basis for all types of chemicals. For refined risk assessments, a range of sophisticated higher-tier studies under more realistic environmental conditions are available in algae, water plants, invertebrates and fish from water/sediment systems in the laboratory to outdoor mesocosm pond studies and terrestrial field studies. In addition, we provide cutting edge environmental modelling services, ranging from model based data evaluation via highly standardised environmental exposure assessments to custom scenario development for PEC calculations.