Swedish Chemical Agency – KEMI (Sweden)

Contact: Lina Wendt-Rasch

The Swedish Chemicals Agency is a central supervisory authority under the Ministry of the Environment and is responsible for “A Non-Toxic Environment*” (one of Sweden’s 16 environmental quality objectives).
KemI works at the national, EU and global levels to limit the health and environmental risks associated with chemicals. In Sweden, the Agency supervises importers and manufacturers of chemical products and articles, and supports the supervision of chemicals by municipalities and county administrative boards.
KemI collaborates on a broad basis with businesses, authorities and others to ensure a high level of chemical safety to promote efforts to bring about “A Non-Toxic Environment”.
KemI makes its expert knowledge available through several duty officers and its website www.kemi.se, with a large number of databases and up-to-date information on chemicals, plant protection products and biocides.

*The environment must be free from man-made or extracted compounds and metals that
represent a threat to human health or biological diversity.