Federal Environmental Agency – UBA (Germany)

Federal Environment Agency- UBA (Germany)
Contact : Sabine Duquesne and Joern Wogram

The Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is Germany’s central federal authority on environmental matters. Its key statutory mandates are:

  • To provide scientific support to the Federal Government (e.g.. the Federal Ministries for Environment; Health; Research; Transport, Building and Urban Affairs);
  • Implementation of environmental laws (e.g. emissions trading, authorisation of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and plant protection agents)
  • Information of the public about environmental protection.

UBA acts as partner and Germany’s contact point for many international organisations including the WHO.

The Department of Plant Protection Products (PPP) is responsible for the environmental risk assessment and management of PPP and for the EU Active Substances Program.

At the German level, before a PPP can be placed on the german market, it has to be approved by  the relevant authority (Bundesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit, BVL). The UBA is in charge of the environmental risk assessment and therefore processes applications for approval presented by manufacturers, assesses  the risks that PPP may pose to the environment and proposes risk management options, if necessary. German legislation on plant protection products is based on Directive 91/414/EEC.

At the European level, UBA participates to the peer review of active substances used in PPP and builds up Draft Assessment Reports for active substances for which Germany is designated as Rapporteur Member State.

In the CREAM project, as a regulatory authority, UBA offers training courses and internships on regulatory risk assessment and on computer-based projects using the ecotoxicological databases. It can also give a regulatory perspective on models, tools and guidance documents developed within the project.


Umweltbundesamt  (Federal Environment Agency)
FG IV–1.3, Section ”Plant Protection Products”
Wörlitzer Platz
106844 Dessau, Germany

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Contact : Sabine Duquesne and Joern Wogram: ecotoxicologists, ecologists, risk assessors
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