University of York

Contact: Alistair Boxall and Colin Brown

The University of York was founded in 1963 with 200 students. Since then, it has expanded to 11,000 students and has over 30 academic departments and research centres. York has always been highly rated for the standards of its teaching and research.

The EcoChemistry Research Group is a joint initiative between the UoY and the Food and Environment Research Agency and focuses on the fate and behaviour, effects and risks of synthetic chemicals (including pesticides, human and veterinary medicines and engineered nanomaterials).  Currently comprising around 20 research staff and PhD students, the group operates out of state-of-the-art facilities as the FERA Sand Hutton Laboratories. The work of the group ranges from modelling investigations through to full-scale field investigations. Further information can be found at

CREAM projects hosted by University of York: