DEB-IBM: A generic and accessible individual-based implementation of the Dynamic Energy Budget theory

Below you can find the DEB-IBM implementation in Netlogo, the user manual, and the model description using the ODD protocol. However, I am moving the DEB-IBM site to my personal research page. Here you can find  up-to-date model versions, applications, and support.

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Martin B, Zimmer EI, Grimm V and Jager T (2012). Dynamic Energy Budget theory meets individual-based modelling: a generic and accessible implementation. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 3:445-449. DOI 10.1111/j.2041-210X.2011.00168.x

NetLogo file:

DEB-IBM model (v3)

Since the publication of DEB-IBM the parameter set for Daphnia magna has been updated in add_my_pet. This new version includes the updated parameter set. Note the figures in the User Manual correspond with the older Daphnia parameter set found in v1.

(right click and “save link as”, then remove the “.txt” and replace with “.nlogo”. See instructions for downloading NetLogo in the user manual.)

DEB-IBM user manual

DEB-IBM ODD (model description)